Who am I?

Hello, and welcome to impavida!

Those with a love of language might know that impavida is Latin for intrepid, fearless, bold, and courageous.  

My name is Ruth, and my passion is to deliver quality, professional administration support to others in business.  To boldly go in and assist you!

I started my professional life as an office junior for a local Law firm in Hastings, moving to the Banking and Finance industries before moving overseas.  Upon returning to New Zealand, I raised my family, home-schooling my children, and assisting my husband with his media business.  During this time, I also worked in a Customer Service role, moving onto a Compliance Manager position, encompassing Food Safety, and Health & Safety, and managing teams of workers across various shifts and their various roles.

Ruth Jackson
Intrepid, fearless, bold, and courageous.  

Alongside this time of schooling and working, it became evident to me that there is a need for effective  assistance in the workplace.   I saw small businesses struggling with the insurmountable amount of paperwork, having to work after hours to invoice, prepare GST returns et al, often asking their significant other to assist, neither having the skills or know-how to run the administration side of their business.  

Impavida was born from the recognition that plumbers, plumb, electricians need to retain their spark, and bakers, bake....  Personal assistants help them to work smarter!

My goal, to empower you to work smarter, to let plumbers plumb, electricians retain their spark, and bakers, bake.

Impavida = Intrepid.
Fearlessly, boldly, supporting you in your business.